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Nous avons mis en place un Jukebox spécial dance années 90

What is loveHaddaway 
Sing hallelujahDr Alban 
No limits2 unlimited
Moving on upM People
Show me loveRobin’s
Mr vain 
ScatmanJohn Scatman
Saturday night
The summer is magicPlayhatty
Meet her at the love parade
Eddy steady go
Die walkure49ers 
Freed from desireGala 
This is beat technotronicTechnotronic 
ChildrenRobert Miles 
Them from s-expressS-Express 
Everybody’s freeRozalla 
The real thing2 Unlimited 
Barbie GirlAqua
I like to move it Real 2 real  
The Rhythm of the NightCorona 
Pump up the volumeMarrs 
Living on my ownFreddie Mercury 
Rhythm is a dancerSNAP 
BlueEIFFEL 65 
Music sounds better with youStardust 
The Rhythm Of The NightCorona 
The PartyLatino Party
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